lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Amazon Japan

Link per Amazon Japan In English
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Charice -album Number 1 In Amazon Japan,,july 13,2010.

Durata: 2:48 minutos

Descrizione: Charice is breaking out in Asian Music scene,,at the moment her album is number 1 in AMAZON JAPAN over all album sales,,,music from HERTZBLASTERr vid PYRAMID FOURCES, thank you.

Unboxing Mini Danboard

Durata: 4:20 minutos

Descrizione: Unboxing mini danboard. version. The big Danbo is about the size of a can of coke (a bit taller too). The small Danbo is a little smaller than the size of an iphone/ a deck of cards. I have both. And I prefer the '' small danboard because she is? much cuter at that size (yah, Danbo is a girl). And I can place her entirely on my palm. Just search "Danboard" on ebay. I got it around $30 when I bought it.

Unboxing Of Danboard Danbo Mini

Durata: 3:51 minutos

Descrizione: This is an unboxing film of the danboard (danbo) mini figure from revoltech the version. Brought from the uk site bazaarlee also check out http Music track: Struttin' by Tryad Filmed in HD on a Canon HF200

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